Over 15 years of R & D (isolation, identification, standardization, production technology, preclinical studies, clinical studies, etc.), costing 70 million dollars (USD), has generated 25+ registered patents and revealed a spectrum of powerful health and medicinal benefits of Seanol® that cover most important health needs of modern humans and their companion animals.

Clinical trials
Safety and Efficacy studies

Safety has been proven in the US, Korea, and the EU

  • Authorized as an NDI (New Dietary Ingredient) by the US FDA (2008).
  • Approved as an HFFI (Health Functional Food Ingredient) by the Korean MFDS. (2012)
  • Recommended as a safe NFI (Novel Food Ingredient) by expert panels of the EFSA. (2017)
  • SEANOL® is the only Ecklonia cava extract that is authorized as a new dietary ingredient by the US FDA.

  • SEANOL® is a registered trademark of Botamedi Inc that represents standardized and patented natural complexes of dietary phlorotannins extracted from specific brwon algae.




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