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To the families around the world who love companion animals

Companion animals are like family, bringing much joy and happiness to our lives. Although there are many commercial feeds and snacks available for companion animals, it is not easy to find products optimized for them whose metabolisms are different from those of humans.

Until now, such feeds and snacks have been limited to only providing basic nutrition, making it difficult for the guardians to find ways to improve the health and well-being of their companion animals.

As modern-day companion animals have similar lifestyles as those of humans, I think it is best to prevent or improve their illnesses and aging symptoms through organic foods with natural medicinal benefits.

Hemastem Co. has been focusing on the edible sea polyphenols, which for the past 20 years have been shown to have many healthful effects related to blood circulation, cellular metabolism, and aging symptoms in humans and animals.

Based on this remarkable natural dietary ingredient with multiple health benefits, Hemastem Co. committed to the development of “medicinal food” technology optimized for companion animals.

As a result, Hemabuddy, the first medicinal food for companion dogs, has been developed for global availability starting in 2018.

We hope that you enjoy a long and happy life with your companion animals through Hemabuddy.


S.H.Lee, President
Hemastem Co., Ltd.

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